Tropical Rainforest Plants
ColaCola or Kola
Cola acuminata, C. nitida
Sterculia family
Cola is related to cacao, the plant from which chocolate is made, and is best known as a flavoring in cola soda pops. Cola seeds, called "nuts", are rich in caffeine. It is native to West Africa but now is also grown commercially in Jamaica and Brazil. In West Africa a cola drink is made by mixing the pulverized, fermented and dried beans with water.

Diospyros spp.
Ebony family
Ebony is in the same genus as the North American persimmon, D. virginiana, and has a similar fruit. Its heartwood gives it commercial value. The wood is extremely hard and will sink in water. It is used for piano keys, cutlery handles, musical instruments and carvings. It is native to West Africa. Good quality logs are rare due to over harvesting.

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