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General Shoreline Links

Tides - Learn how the moon and the sun cause tides to change in the ocean.

Sandy Shore Links

Sandy Beach
Habitats: Beaches - Learn about the types of beaches, how they are formed, what lives there, and how humans impact beaches.
Rocky Shore Links

Virtual Tide Pool - This site's three-dimensional QuickTime VR pesentation, lets you can take a 360 degree look at a tide pool during both low tide and high tide. See what's living above, at, and under the water's surface and how the shifting tide changes life for the oceanic creatures.

Estuary Links

Habitats: Estuaries - Learn about different types of estuaries, their characteristics, what lives there, and human impact.

Exploring Estuaries - Explore estuaries, including some of the plants and animals that live there, on this website. Through a variety of games and activities, you’ll learn how you can help protect these natural treasures.

Barrier Island Links
How Barrier Islands Work - Examine the fragile ecosystems of barrier islands: how these islands are formed, what habitats and life are present on them, how they change, the consequences of development and the recreational activities that attract tourists to them every year.
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