Taiga Links

  • Blue Planet Biomes—Taigahttp://www.blueplanetbiomes.org/taiga.htm
    Good general taiga site which includes location, climate, and detailed animal and plant information.
  • Taiga Biological Stationhttp://wilds.mb.ca/taiga/tbsfaq.html
    This Canadian site answers the question “What is the taiga?” and provides a taiga food web.
  • borealforest.orghttp://www.borealforest.org
    This site, managed by Lakehead University Faculty of Natural Resources Management, discusses different boreal forests and forest management throughout the world.
  • Lichens of North Americahttp://www.lichen.com/
    This informative site includes the biology and ecology of North American lichens, as well as human and wildlife uses of lichens. It is illustrated with numerous photos of the many kinds of lichens.
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